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Combined Heat and Power Virtual Reality Site

Project: In 2020, the Houston Area Research Center (H.A.R.C.) was looking for new ways of spreading education about CHP (Combined Heat and Power) Technology. Specifically they wanted a training simulation that could be played in Virtual Reality Headsets and immerse the audience.

Solution: Our team created a website and a VR application for training people on the different technologies that make CHP possible. The VR application recreates the CHP system that is found at the University of Texas Medical Branch, in Galveston, TX.

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CHP Engines & Absorption Chillers

At the heart of CHP Technology is a myriad of equipment that makes the process of capturing residual heat possible. It was important for the team to be able to meet with Mechanical Engineers and Subject Matter Experts to make sure our models of the equipment was accurate. It was specially important for the client to make sure the scale of the equipment was exact to real life, as in VR the audience will be able to identify that the scale was off.

Access to Virtual Reality

One of the main challenges during this project was the fact that most people do not have access to Virtual Reality. So our team decided to create a website as a hub to all the information pertaining to CHP and the project, from there those with Virtual Reality access would be encouraged to try the VR application.


VR Training Simulations

Being able to do training in VR is truly a game changer for many industries. For this project particularly, it is great to be able to learn and interact with CHP on the website. However, being able to put a VR helmet and get a feeling for the real scale of the equipment, and to get close and familiar with how the equipment connects with each other, truly makes the audience understand and retain the information that they are receiving.  VR helped us make complex systems easy to digest, and also awe the audience with its "Real" feel.

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