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Safety Hazard Operations and Response Education
(S.H.O.R.E.) Training Application

Project: In 2014, ExxonMobil was facing stress in their maritime division due to seamen retiring from the workforce, and not being able to train new recruits fast enough to navigate their brand new LNG Tankers, the "Eagle Bay" and "Liberty Bay". Furthermore the new LNG Tankers had more modern systems that were not available in training manuals at the time.

Solution: Our team created an iPad application that trains potential new recruits on the layout and safety operations of the new LNG Tankers. This application was hosted in ExxonMobil's private app store, and could be downloaded by anyone at the company to learn more about the new tankers. 

S.H.O.R.E: Bio

From Real to Virtual

Our team had the honor to be invited by ExxonMobil to board the "Eagle Bay" to film and gather information on the LNG Tanker, it's working culture, and safety procedures. In the app, we recreated the "Eagle Bay" from blueprints provided by the client, and stylized textures taken from the pictures we took while on the tanker.

Safety First

One of the advantages of creating a simulation is the ability to play through emergency scenarios without the dangers and threats that come with it. In this case we created an scenario where the "Eagle Bay" gets hit by a seaquake, and a deep fat fryer fire is started in the kitchen of the boat. Players are then guided through the proper procedures during such an emergency. This is important as cadets that may work on the boat will already be familiar with the procedures before they even set foot on "Eagle Bay" in real life.


Lower the Cost of Training

Overall the application was very well received, and it cut down the cost of training new cadets, as well as attracted new recruits who enjoyed playing the simulation. Trainees stated that the immersive environment, and realistic feel of the game, gave them a solid understanding of the layout of the boat and felt like they could find certain machinery rooms in the "Eagle Bay" even before setting foot in it.

Educating the Audience

One of the surprises of the project was when support personnel and staff members of the maritime division of Exxon Mobil, Sea River, starting using the application organically. The personnel expressed how they all work in land communicating with the ship and it's crew while at sea, and how they have never set foot in any of the tankers, as you need special certification and permission to do that. The application helped them get a better understanding of ship they service, as well as have a much better education of the LNG Tanker when talking to potential clients, and project managers in different divisions of Exxon. This was a true highlight for our team.

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