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Curriculum Vitae

Professional Experience

Below you will find a comprehensive collection of my professional experiences. I am an expert in Technology Design and tackle every job with all my energy and passion. I think outside of the box at all times and I'm very good at looking for patterns in data and "connecting the dots". 10 years of experience making game applications and 5 years of teaching experience make me highly dynamic and flexible in the workplace.

Computer Teacher @ Learning Prep School

  • Developed a technology program and led the makerspace at LPS; teaching students how to use Photoshop, 3D Printers, Laser Cutters, and Cricut Machines.

Chair of Education @ National Hispanic Professional Organization (NHPO)

  • Developed educational products to further the skills, knowledge and engagement of the NHPO membership base.

IT Director, Student Program Coordinator & Technology Teacher @ Esprit International School

  • Developed and implemented a K - 12 Technology Literacy curriculum to teach student tech skills at their appropriate developmental stage, and to make sure 21st Century Skills scaffolded throughout the student educational journey.

  • Managed the budget and creation of new state-of-the-arts technology labs, as well as gradual upgrade of classroom equipment. 

  • Integrated 3D Printing, Game Engines, and Virtual Reality technologies in the classroom.

MYP Design Teacher @ The Woodlands Preparatory School

  • Developed and implemented a new Technology & Design curriculum that integrated Art, Science, History, Math, Entrepreneurship, and Music with Adobe Suite, 3D Modelling, Video Production, and Audio Production Software.

Houston Millennials Chair of Ethics & Judicial Affairs @ Houston Millennials

  • Helped cement the vision of Houston Millennials and wrote the organization’s Bylaws and paperwork necessary for a successful  501c3 filing.

  • Formed the Ethics Board to help oversee the organization’s goals, interactions and budget spending.

U.S. House of Representatives Congressional Intern @ TX 18th District

  • Intern at Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee’s District 18TX office in Houston.

  • Learned to host, and organize events and press conferences in a fast-paced environment.

  • Worked under the Congressional Immigration Liaison to file, organize, and solve constituents immigration cases.

  • Worked under the Congressional Veterans Affairs Liaison to file, organize, and solve military veterans constituents cases.

Lead Video Game Designer and 3D Artist @ Epic Software Group

  • Created video game applications that help companies in the Oil & Gas Industry with Marketing, Training, Public Relations and Human Resources.

  • Created and designed the overall concept, feel, and strategy of the video game applications to meet requirements within budget.

  • Led and managed a team of artists and programmers in the creation of each video game application.

  • Trained, managed, and led incoming interns.

  • Created all the support documentation for the artists and programmers, including: Calendar with milestones, task progress and overall progress, To do lists for next milestone, and design documents.

  • Organized team meetings with the client company to get feedback, manage goals and expectations, negotiate milestones, and get support documentation necessary for the game.

  • Played a pivotal role on the acquisition of corporate clients, as well as the negotiation of budget, and presentation of new ideas to investors.

  • Responsible for lighting multiple Unity3D scenes, creating skyboxes, and baking lightmaps that would run within platform specs and requirements.

  • Responsible for creating camera effects and animations in Unity3D for cinematic scenes.

Designer, creator, and researcher of “Litter Leader”

  • Created a mobile application that raises awareness, and teaches kids recycling through a video game.

  • Managed a team of artists, programmers, and researchers.

U.S. Patents

“Litter Leader” Pro-Social, Educational Game System - US20160247414A1


Gerber, H. R. & Gaitan, L. (2017). “Let’s change already”: Cleaning up and making a difference with pro-social games. Educational Technology 57 (2), 55-61.

Peer-Reviewed Published Conference Proceedings

Gaitan, L., & Gerber, H. R. (2013, June). Oil Rig Simulation and Serious Games. Academic arcade simulation proceedings in the annual conference of the Games, Learning, and Society Conference. Madison, WI.

Invited Academic Lectures--(Non-paid, non- peer reviewed)

Gerber, H. R. & Gaitan, L. (2015, April). Understanding the power of pro-social mobile games. Paper presented at the Sam Houston Computer Science Conference on Future Tech, Huntsville, TX.

Peer-Reviewed International Professional Presentations

Gerber, H. R., Gaitan, L., & Aboulkacem, S. (2015, October). Designing mobile games for pro-social engagement and environmental awareness in developing nations: The case for egypt. Paper accepted for the International Council of Educational Media, Medellin, Colombia, 29 September -2 October, 2015. [accepted did not present]

Peer-Reviewed International Professional Presentations

  • Gerber, H. R., Gaitan, L., Bodon, T., Ashworth, M. (2015, February). Mobile games and citizen activism: Empowering girls in community engagement through pro-social gaming apps. Paper presented at the 3rd Annual Mobile Learning Week Showcase at UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France. 

  • Gerber, H. R., Gaitan, L., Ashworth, M., Cronje, S., & Bodon, T. (2015, May). Citizen Media, Digital Literacy, and Mobile Games: Shifting Pedagogy for Exploration and Discovery. Paper presented at the International Multidisciplinary Conference on English Language, Literature, and Information Technology. Muscat, Oman. 

Peer-Reviewed National Professional Presentations

  • Gerber, H. R., Gaitan, L., & Cronje, S. (2015, November). Playtesting in mobile game creation: Engagement through play. Paper presented at the Association of Educational Computing and Technology Conference, Indianapolis, IN. 

  •  Gerber, H. R. (chair), Gaitan, L., Ashworth, M., Bodon, T., Aboulkacem, S., & Votteler, N. K. (2015, November). Mobile gaming, girls’ empowerment, and developing nations: A civic engagement project during Egypt’s transitional democracy. Paper presented as Featured Paper on the Association of Educational Computing and Technology, Indianapolis, IN. 

  • Gaitan, L., & Gerber, H. R. (2013, June). Oil Rig Simulation and Serious Games. Academic arcade simulation presented at the annual conference of the Games, Learning, and Society Conference. Madison, WI. 

Undergraduate Grant Funding

Gerber, H. R., Gaitan, L., Ashworth, M. (2014). Using Pro-social Gamified Apps to Solve Global Problems. Grant submitted to the Enhancing Undergraduate Research Experiences and Creative Activities. ($8,000 requested, $8,000 funded). Role: Game Design Research.

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