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Eco-Friendly Drilling
(E.F.D.) Virtual Frac Site

Project: In 2013, the Houston Area Research Center (H.A.R.C.) decided to expand their E.F.D. program to include a Virtual Fracking Site.

Solution: Our team used the previous Virtual Oil Rig assets to build this new site, cutting development time by half, and delivering the final product to the client in six months. This was also our first time trying to make a project in Virtual Reality (VR).

Virtual Frac Site: Bio

Marketing and Education

One of the main goals of this project was to be able to educate the audience on what is fracking, and market the different type of technologies that make the practice possible. Sponsors would participate in the program, and then our team would create their equipment to be featured in the application.

Virtual Reality

One of the options for this project was the ability to play the application in Virtual Reality. The technology was limited at the time, but we were able to give players with an Oculus Rift Headset a first person view experience of being on the frack site. This experiment proved the potential of VR for our team and the benefits of completely immersing the audience into our virtual environments.


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